Annex Brands Helps Lower Rents for Franchisees

San Diego, CA (May 22, 2009) – During the current economic downturn, the Home Office of Annex Brands Inc. is helping its franchisees renegotiate store leases with landlords to reflect current market conditions. And the shipping and business services franchisor is seeing steady success with this plan.

“In most cases, the biggest monthly expense an owner will incur is the lease,” said Franchise Placement Specialist Chris Kimball. “In light of the current economy, it’s smart to take a look at all expenses to see where there might be opportunities for savings. Fortunately, retail rent is a lot more negotiable than it was a year ago, and landlords especially want to keep national brands like PostalAnnex+ from leaving their centers. So we’re urging all of our franchisees to take advantage of our excellent relationships with landlords and get market adjustments where possible.”