Shipping Business Recognizes Build A Better Image Week

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - In today's competitive job market, making a good first impression is more important than ever. Job seekers, therefore, must make it a priority to perfect their presentation with an effective resume.

"In honor of Build a Better Image Week, which takes place September 20th – 26th, we invite job seekers to stop in to one of our locations and send their resumes via fax – for free," said Steve Goble, vice president of marketing communications for Annex Brands, franchisor of the PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care Packaging Store and Sunshine Pack & Ship brands. "This is our way of showing our commitment to the business community. We want professionals to have the resources they need to succeed at their fingertips."

Goble adds that although faxing alone may not be the best way to contact an employer, using a faxed resume as part of an overall, comprehensive communication strategy can be quite effective. "Job seekers should utilize various channels, including regular mail, email, telephone and fax in order to make their message clear," said Goble.