Local Business Owner Invests over $360,000 in Bee Cave Community

(Bee Cave, TX—November 7, 2019) – Bee Cave will soon have a new PostalAnnex business service center providing UPS, FedEx, USPS shipping and more.  Owner Sama Reza has invested over $360,000 in a multi-year lease at the Hill Country Galleria, which has Whole Foods as an anchor.

Located at Market Street and Hill County Blvd, PostalAnnex provides shipping, packaging and mailing supplies, private mailbox rentals for receiving mail and packages, notary public service, copy and printing service, passport photos, and more.

Reza previously was a realtor and also a small business owner.  “Starting a PostalAnnex really is about fulfilling the American Dream, owning your business and having a greater say in your own future,“ said Reza.

            Reza’s PostalAnnex is scheduled to open in December, 2019.  For more information, visit https://www.postalannex.com/19010.